Meet some of the Participants and Caregivers

Jayne Calder

  • A Person Living With Parkinson’s Perspective. I am the wife of Darren Calder, Patient no 006 on the GDNF Phase 2 Clinical Study. I have 3 children and 4 grandchildren who all enjoy keeping my life super busy. I am also the coordinator for the patient group who, after the end of the Phase 2 […]

Lesley Gosden

  • Originally from Kent, I have lived in Oxfordshire for over 30 years.  Having been pub landlords for more than ten years, we left the licensed trade in 1996 to spend more time with our young family. I then commenced working with the University of Oxford covering the administration of surgical teaching for medical students. Our […]

Andy Rollin

  • Before the trial When it was announced that there was to be a clinical trial for something called ‘GDNF’ I wondered if I should apply, I studied the requirements and discovered that you had to of been diagnosed for at least five years. This excluded me, having only been diagnosed for four and a half […]

Raj Jobanputra

  • I was officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2009, but I’d suspected I had the condition for around five years before that. I needed time to come to terms with it. After a few years, my wife and I decided that I ought to see someone to make sure we had the diagnosis right. Alan Whone (the researcher […]

Colin Wynn

  • A Caregiver’s perspective. I am Colin Wynn, married to Lesley Gosden since 1981. She was confirmed as having Young Onset Parkinson’s over fifteen years ago at the age of 43. This mirrors the case of movie star Michael J Fox. The publicity generated brought to mass attention (possibly for the first time) the fact that […]

Nic Mortensen

  • Diagnosis I was diagnosed with PD in 2003 at 43, which was identified by a process of elimination, apparently there was no clear test for PD at the time. The clearest symptom of which I was aware was micrographia (hand writing becomes very small and spidery), which prompted me to seek medical advice. I can […]

Vicki Dillon

  • I was finally diagnosed with Parkinson’s on Valentine’s Day 2007 ! It had taken three years of being continuously fobbed off and told repeatedly I was ok. It was a very difficult time but getting the answer devastated me. I was 35 and quite frankly wanted to die! 8 weeks on I was ready to […]

Lyndsey Isaacs

  • My husband Tom Isaacs and I were the driving force behind getting GDNF back into trials. Tom set up The Cure Parkinson’s Trust for this very purpose. We championed Prof Steven Gill’s work with GDNF from 2004. Tom was one of the first six patients to take part in the GDNF trial, from 2012 to […]