Focused Events

We will be holding regular events to help raise money to reach the target of £1 million.
Please help support these events in any way you can.

GDNF – What Happened To Me

  • Event Date1st September 2020
  • Event Location
  • Andy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 47, but surely that is something that old people get? There is no Cure for Parkinson’s 5 years late he had a once in a lifetime chance to particiapate in ground breaking clinical trial to see if something called GDNF could slow, stop or reverse his […]

The GDNF Participant Unifying Challenge

  • Event Date10th October 2020
  • Event LocationGlobal
  • This event will be a walking /running /cycling challenge covering 5,000 miles and in a nod to Tom Isaacs will include 3 Mountains and a Marathon! This event will take place from the 1st – 10th April 2021 and will be celebrated on World Parkinson’s Day on 11th April 2021    

Ending Parkinson’s Disease

  • Event Date1st January 2021
  • Event Location
  • A Prescription for Action by Ray Dorsey, Todd Sherer, Michael S. Okun, Bastiaan Bloem The authors of this book have proposed a bold PACT to Prevent the disease, Advocate for Policies, Care for Patients and Treat the condition. They have delivered a 25 point action plan – Their prescription for action! Thus the PD Avengers […]